About RSG


The Rackham Student Government consists of multiple active governmental branches. The members of the Executive and Legislative Branches are elected annually by the students in the Graduate School. For more information about RSG, please review this introductory powerpoint presentation.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the government is led by the graduate student body President, the student body Vice President, and a cabinet consisting of the following offices: Treasurer, Internal Affairs Officer, External Affairs Officer, and Secretary. The President and Vice President are elected on a single ticket during the month of March and serve a one-year term beginning in May. The cabinet is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Board (Legislative Branch) after the November and March legislative election cycles. See the current RSG Executives >>

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of the government is a unicameral body known as the Board. The Board consists of representatives from each of the Graduate School’s four Divisions (Biological and Health Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Humanities and the Arts). The composition of the Board reflects the enrolled graduate student body population, with one representative for every 300 students. Each Division has at minimum one representative, regardless of size. One half of each Division’s representative seats are filled in the November election, while the remaining half are filled simultaneously with the Presidential election in March. See the current representatives >>

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