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RSG Basic Needs Micro-Grant. RSG is here to support your wellness! Apply today!

RSG Basic Needs Micro-Grant

RSG designed the Basic Needs Micro-Grant program to provide short-term financial assistance to students for essential items. Funding is open to all Rackham Students and will be open to other graduate and professional student programs as their funding permits (i.e. School of Information, School of Social Work, Michigan Dental School, Michigan Medical School).

Applications for funding are limited to $50. Applications will be selected randomly and approved until funds run out. New funding opportunities will become available at the beginning of each week. Approximately 20 grants will be funded each week for 5 weeks during the pilot period. Applications received beyond the allocated number of grants available will automatically be reconsidered for funding during the following week’s funding period. Funding will be given to all randomly selected applicants whose application includes items from our list of eligible items, for as long as resources permit.

If your application is funded, you will receive an email from the RSG budgetary committee. Funded applicants will not be considered for additional funding for 1 year. Applicants applying for items on our ineligible items list will not be accepted. You will receive an email if your application is not accepted, however you are encouraged to reapply for funding for eligible items. If you receive this grant it will not affect your financial aid package.

If approved for funding, this grant will be distributed through your student account. Funds will be distributed via check through the mail. Please note it can take up to 1 month from approval of funding to receive your check. If you do not receive your check, please contact

Students can apply for the RSG Basic Needs Micro-Grant here.

The RSG Micro-Grant can fund a wide range of eligible items (this is not an exhaustive list of items that are supported by the RSG Micro-Grant program), which include the broad categories of:

  • Fitness equipment (Yoga mats, dumbbells/weights, fitness app memberships, etc.)
  • Technology for remote work (Computer equipment (mice, keyboards, video cameras), office equipment, printers/ink, routers, hot spots, etc.)
  • Personal Hygiene Products (Feminine products, soap/shampoo, hand sanitizer, etc.)
  • Childcare products (Diapers, formula, medication, maternity/postpartum products, etc.)
  • Health needs (First aid supplies, prescription drugs, co-pays for health services, etc.)
  • Automotive needs (Windshield wipers, subsidy towards replacement parts, oil changes, etc.)
  • Housing needs (Replacement keys, late fees for housing payments, groceries, etc.)
  • Parking & Transportation (Parking passes, bus/train tickets, etc.)
  • Academic Needs (Safety glasses, learning equipment, notebooks, textbooks, laptops, etc.)

To ensure distribution of funds to those who need it most, the RSG Micro-Grant program will NOT fund the following areas (which is also not an exhaustive list):

  • Parking tickets
  • Leisure items (Video games, recreational books, recreational drugs, etc.)
  • Alcohol
  • Meal delivery services (UberEats, GrubHub, etc.)
  • Research items (lab supplies, reagents, etc.)

This is not an exhaustive list of items that are supported by the RSG Micro-Grant program. Other items in different categories can be funded and are up to the discretion of the RSG Budgetary committee for funding. The decision to fund or not fund specific applications will be available (but anonymized) for transparency and accountability by request. If you have questions about your application or why you were denied, please email