Non-Academic Support

The U-M Career Center has a great resource for PhD Students looking for non-academic options, including an online job search.

Career Services

The Humanities PhD Project supports doctoral students and faculty in the humanities as they imagine, plan for, and pursue multiple career paths as humanists in the world, in the academy and beyond. PhD students from various disciplines will benefit from the following resources of the Humanities PhD Project: job search tools, mentorship on how to prepare yourself for multiple career paths, advice from alumni about non-tenure track opportunities, and more!

Funded by the Andrew S. Mellon Foundation and the Rackham Graduate School, this project broadens the career paths of humanities doctoral students and considers new ways doctoral programs can support these efforts.

Humanities PhD Project

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

The Center for Entrepreneurship provides active learning experiences to all students and faculty at the University of Michigan. It offers classes, events, and programs that are designed to teach the skills needed to successfully translate high-potential projects and ideas into the world. In learning these skills, individuals become better prepared to identify and act on opportunities to solve problems in any organization, or entrepreneurial endeavor.

Center for Entrepreneurship

Dual/Joint Degree Program Support

Navigating the dual/joint degree process can sometimes be difficult. Below are important steps to follow when seeking support.

1. Equip yourself with the academic policies associated with these programs
2. Seek other students doing a dual/joint degree and talk to them about their experience
3. Talk to representatives from both schools/colleges to ensure you are secure in your credits, funding, etc.

Dual/Joint Degree Programs

U-M Campus Counseling Resources

Resources for students seeking help including broad campus resources for multiple needs, mental health resources, sexual misconduct/harrassment resources and specific issue support services.

Counseling at U-M
Rackham Help and Support