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The following students serve as RSG graduate student representatives for the Winter 2020 Term, and together form the Legislative Branch of the government. Their attendance and voting records are available for public review on this page. Each representative serves on at least 2 RSG committees, and holds periodic office hours that are open to the general student body. Jump below to learn more about and contact your student representatives, or meet them in person at one of these sessions.

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Division I – Biological and Health Sciences

Ishani Sharma

Biomedical Engineering

Stefany Escobedo


Bella Okiye


Division II – Physical Sciences and Engineering

Boning Qu

Materials Science

Jourdan Clements

School for Environment and Sustainability

Thomas Folk

Nuclear Engineering

Jacqueline Simmons


Timothy Michael Erasumus Jugovic

Physical Chemistry

Committee Appointments: Legislative Affairs, Budgetary

My name is Timothy Jugovic, better known to my friends as Raz, and I was born and raised in Washington State. I moved to Illinois after high school to pursue an undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Illinois State University. I am currently working on a PhD in Physical Chemistry under the guidance of Paul Zimmerman. My PhD research focuses on special relativistic corrections to quantum mechanics. I joined RSG to improve my leadership and communication skills, as well as represent the interests of Chemistry graduate student to University of Michigan. My hobbies include cooking, historic European martial arts, and story-telling

Shivangi Kewlaramani

Biomedical Engineering

Anna Kopp

Chemical Engineering

Marisol Garrouste

Aditya Om

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Aditya is a Masters student in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. He received his B.S. in Electronics from NIT Raipur, India and a diploma in New Ventures leadership from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Back in India he co-founded a startup that leveraged predictive analytics and LoRaWAN based IoT to provide crop-specific targeted advisory to the farmers in India. He also worked with the IoT Group at Intel to enable the design of SoCs that ensure the functional safety of Autonomous cars. Here at UM, he is working on architectures that enable intelligence on the edge. “I joined RSG with a goal to enable amplification of graduate students’ concerns in the backdrop of remote learning and asynchronous communication modes pertaining to curriculum design due to COVID19”, he says. He aspires to ensure that the mental health of students is duly considered in fall-reopening plans and transition to an in-person mode of instruction.

Sudharsan Babu Srikanthan

Electrical and Computer Engineering.

I am a first year Masters Student in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am a representative for Division II: Physical Sciences and Engineering. My specific area of interest is in Wireless Networking and Communication Systems. During my undergrad, I had worked on projects that aimed to develop an Electronic Voting System that is resistant to unauthorized modification of votes by leveraging a decentralised secure wireless network protocol. Before I started my degree at U of M, I interned with Analog Devices, Inc for a year and worked on Design Verification of SoCs for automotive audio processing. I joined RSG with the main objective of understanding and representing the needs of graduate students at the policy and decision making level. I also aspire to increase the opportunities for graduate students to connect with each other, especially in the backdrop of the COVID 19 pandemic. Other than these, I am an outdoorsy type of person, who enjoys hiking, and running marathons. I also like meeting new people from diverse backgrounds and learning about their beliefs and experiences.

Pritha Pal

Aerospace Engineering

Hey everyone, I’m Pritha and a current first-year Master’s student in the discipline of Aerospace Engineering with a specialization in Advances Space Propulsion and Space Systems. I am an international student from India and I completed my Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engg. from SRM Institute of Science and Technology and I wish to continue my research in the same field. Dance, art and music are some of my hobbies. And oh yeah, I love traveling. Making the most of the student life, here at University of Michigan, was my intention to join the RSG.

Brittany Salazar

Cancer Biology

Christopher Schemanske

Industrial & Operations Engineering

I’m a Masters student in Industrial & Operations Engineering, where I also received my B.S.E. in December 2020. I’m a Michigan native who’s excited to be a part of RSG’s work to improve the graduate student experience, and to work to understand the needs and perspectives of students across Rackham. I’m also the current Masters representative to the IOE Student Leadership Board.

Shreeyash Vyakarnam

Industrial and Operations Engineering


Division III – Social and Behavioral Sciences

Hayden Jackson

Political Science

I’m a fourth year student in the Political Science department. I study the politics of international trade and public opinion on matters of national security. I received my BA in political science and statistics from the University of California, Riverside.

This is my eighth year of student government, and I also represent you on Central Student Government. It’s an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with the responsibility of representing my peers to the administration of the University and external stakeholders and making sure the student voice is always heard.

Karin Brown

Math Education

Maia O’ Meary

Public Policy

Analise Sala

Sustainability and Environment

Division IV – Humanities and the Arts