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The following students serve as RSG graduate student representatives for the Fall 2016 Term, and together form the Legislative Branch of the government. Their attendance and voting records are available for public review on this page. Each representative serves on at least 2 RSG committees, and holds periodic office hours that are open to the general student body. Jump below to learn more about and contact your student representatives, or meet them in person at one of these sessions.

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Division I – Biological and Health Sciences

Daniel Vallejo



Tom Jurkiw

Biological Chemistry

I am representing the Biological and Health Sciences Division. I am currently a 4th-year PhD student in the Biological Chemistry. This is my first term as a member of the RSG. I am most interested in helping to increase mental health awareness throughout the graduate school, as well as helping to increase diversity and inclusion in the various departments.

DI – Vacant Seat

Interested in serving as a representative? Contact us and request an application to fill this open board seat!

DI – Vacant Seat

Interested in serving as a representative? Contact us and request an application to fill this open board seat!

DI – Vacant Seat

Interested in serving as a representative? Contact us and request an application to fill this open board seat!

Division II – Physical Sciences and Engineering

Sarah Bork

Electrical Engineering

I am a first year Electrical Engineering Ph.D. student representing Division II: Physical Sciences and Engineering. I received my B.S./M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Ohio State University in 2017. In my work with microfabrication, I am thrilled develop tools for neuroscience applications with the aim of unveiling the inner workings of the neural network. I am also actively investigating the methods required for active learning through my research in engineering education, enabling future incorporation of evidence based teaching methods in the classroom. Outside of academia, I find means to fuel my curiosities. Independently, I enjoy painting, reading, and horseback riding. With my partner and our two dogs, we enjoy traveling, hiking, canoeing, and movie nights.

Neal Sanna

Biomedical Engineering

I am a second-year graduate student in Biomedical Engineering. I always like to advocate for all students that may feel have no voice. I am most passionate about providing extensive academic resources for graduate students including mentorship programs. As a representative in RSG I get the opportunity to help all students that are part of a minority group. I have served as an RSG division II: physical sciences and engineering representative for a year now. I have enjoyed my time in RSG and hope to serve the graduate population in general. I also hope to represent my peers’ best interest and serve the graduate community effectively. If you have any question or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime with any issues you may have.

Francesca Gandini


I decided to run as a RSG representative because after four years at UM, it is time for me to give back to the graduate student community. I want to work on improving the opportunities for professional development offered to graduate students. I am also passionate about the situation of women and underrepresented minorities in STEM. Finally, as an international student, I recognize the pressure felt by foreigner instructors in US classrooms, and the challenges and opportunities that this situation affords.

Feiran Li

Biomedical Engineering

I am a first year Ph.D. in biomedical engineering. My research focuses on stem-cell therapy of type I diabetes. I previously obtained my master in bioengineering from University of Pennsylvania and bachelor in biomedical engineering in Georgia Institute of Technology. Besides research, I am also a consultant of Michigan Graduate Consulting Club and MiLEAD. I am a member of Thus Spoke Ann Arbor, Moli Performing Art Ensemble, and Asian Adventure Association of Michigan as well. My hobbies include but not limited to: playacting, alpine skiing, time-lapse/landscape photography, weight-lifting, and baking. As a representative in RSG, I am trying to improve the quality of life on and off campus for graduate students, especially for international students like myself.

Hongling Lu

Material Science and engineering

Hongling is a first year PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering. She graduated from UC Berkeley with double degree in Computer Science and Physics. Her research focuses on the study of semiconductor nanostructures. When she is not doing research she enjoys running, painting on her tablet, and playing tennis with friends. She loves teaching ever since she taught her first computer science course at Berkeley. She is also passionate about encouraging female students to undertake physical science and engineering. As a representative in Rackham Student Government she wishes to promote multidisciplinary activities, improve student life campus wide, and help female students in stem.

Saurabh Mahajan

Electrical Engineering

My name is Saurabh Mahajan. I am a first year Master’s student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. This is my first year as a Representative and I am passionate and motivated to create awareness about RSG’s initiatives among graduate students.

Tae Lim

Mechanical Engineering

I am representing a Division II: Physical Sciences and Engineering. Also, I am working as a graduate student representative for Building, Facilities and Infrastructure on Senate Assembly Committee on University Affaris (SACUA).

I am a first year master’s student at the mechanical engineering. This is my first year working as a representative and I am particularly interested in enhancing sustainability around the campus.

Nocona Sanders

Material Science and Engineering

Angela Kimber

Aerospace Engineering

Angela graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington in 2017, where she studied optimization of ‘green’ propellant microthrusters, as well as characterization of a cluster of high power Helicon thrusters. She is currently a Ph.D. student in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan, and joins the Plasmadynamics and Electric Propulsion Laboratory researching electrospray thruster array materials and design for scaling propulsion systems. Actively invested in leadership, Angela serves the Aerospace Engineering Graduate Student Activities Committee and Rackham Student Government this year as a Science and Engineering Representative, in addition to volunteering with the Students Advocating for Graduate Education (SAGE) Immigration Working Group. Outside of the lab, she loves spending time enjoying the outdoors and reading with her daughter, Guenevere.

Nicholas Arnold-Medabalimi

aerospace engineering

I’m a 2nd year PhD Candidate in the Aerospace Engineering program. I am representative of Division 2. (Physical Sciences and Engineering) This will be my first term as a RSG representative. I am most interested in fostering inter-department interactions and events

DII – Vacant Seat

Interested in serving as a representative? Contact us and request an application to fill this open board seat!

DII – Vacant Seat

Interested in serving as a representative? Contact us and request an application to fill this open board seat!

DII – Vacant Seat

Interested in serving as a representative? Contact us and request an application to fill this open board seat!

Division III – Social and Behavioral Sciences

Carolyn Hetrick

Educational Studies

Carolyn graduated from the University of Oregon with a dual B.A. degree in Spanish Language and Literature and Political Science, with a focus in U.S. politics. She worked as a high school teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area for several years, before working as an instructor in a developmental program at an open-access regional university in Oregon. Through her work in education, Carolyn developed a commitment to working toward racial justice in U.S. schools. Her current doctoral coursework and research is an extension of that commitment and she is thrilled to be working and learning with a rich and dynamic community of scholars. Beyond educational justice, Carolyn’s passions include gardening, cooking, podcasts, and reveling in the absurd.

Jeffery Edelstein

Higher Education Institutional Research

Jeff Edelstein is a 2nd year Master’s student in the School of Education’s Higher Education Institutional Research (HERI) Program. His research and activism efforts focus on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as they relate to experiences of bias and discrimination of disabled individuals and individuals with disabilities. To this end, he led a winning team in the Winter 2018 Munger Case Competition and is working with a coalition of students, staff, and faculty to create a Disability Cultural Center at the University of Michigan.

In his role as a representative of Division III, Jeff aims to improve the representation and experiences of graduate students with disabilities and foster campus dialogues around ableism and mental health by connecting faculty, staff, and students from across campus units, departments, and organizations. In addition to his role as a Rackham Student Government representative, Jeff serves as a Rackham Representative on the Central Student Government Legislative Assembly.

Guangzhang Lu

Applied Economics

My name is Guanzhang Lu and I represent Division III. I am a first year Masters student, majoring in Applied Economic. This is my first year in RSG and first time serving in a student organizations. I am passionate about sharing International students’, especially Chinese students’, concern and suggestions with the board and helping international students involving into the society.

Carl Haynes

School of Information

Eric Rodriguez

Public Policy

DIII – Vacant Seat

Interested in serving as a representative? Contact us and request an application to fill this open board seat!

Division IV – Humanities and the Arts

Bader AlBader


DIV – Vacant Seat

Interested in serving as a representative? Contact us and request an application to fill this open board seat!