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The following students serve as RSG graduate student representatives for the Fall 2016 Term, and together form the Legislative Branch of the government. Their attendance and voting records are available for public review on this page. Each representative serves on at least 2 RSG committees, and holds periodic office hours that are open to the general student body. Jump below to learn more about and contact your student representatives, or meet them in person at one of these sessions.

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Division I – Biological and Health Sciences

Cara Porsche


Cara Porsche is a newly appointed representative in the Biological and Health Sciences Division. She is a second-year Immunology PhD pre-candidate who is interested in being a voice for her peers and developing mentorship groups for graduate students. Please feel free to contact her at porsche@umich.edu.

Mikel Haggadone


Sharena Rice


This is my first year in RSG, my first year as a Neuroscience PhD student in the Program in Biomedical Sciences. I am most passionate about helping the students of Rackham connect with each other across disciplines. Interdisciplinarity is a means of fostering more diversity and inclusion at the University of Michigan.

Siva Kumar Natarajan

Molecular & Cellular Pathology

“Siva Kumar represents Division I: Biological and Health Sciences. He is a first year PhD student from the Program in Biomedical Sciences specializing in Molecular and Cellular Pathology. He has just begun his association with the RSG but he is sure that it will be an awesome journey ahead! He loves reaching out to people and helping them and hopes to achieve these goals through the RSG.
He can be reached at sivakn@umich.edu”

Chanese Forte

Environmental Health Sciences

I am a first year PhD student in the school of public health. During my undergraduate education, I was a member of student government. I am so excited to be a Wolverine now and to bring my experience, skills, and opinion to the Rackham student government board. As your Division I representative, I am looking forward to improving professional development resources on campus, developing networking opportunities, promote an inclusive atmosphere, and fight for graduate student rights.

Division II – Physical Sciences and Engineering

Fabian Chacon

Aerospace Engineering

My name is Fabian Chacon, I’m a first year Aerospace Engineering PhD student as well as my first time being a representative for RSG. I’m looking forward to positively impacting student life here on campus.

Neal Sanna

Biomedical Engineering

Midhat Farooq


Having spent 4+ years as a graduate student in the Physics department, I consider U of M my home. I am passionate about making this home inclusive and welcoming to all. I want to advocate for graduate students in and outside my division on the university, local, state, and national levels. RSG is the perfect place for me to achieve both of these goals.

Lianli Liu

Electrical Engineering

I represent the engineering and physics division. I am 3rd year PhD student in ECE. I am new to RSG and I am most interested in organizing social events.

Michael Potter

Mechanical Engineering

I am a first year PhD student in Mechanical Engineering with a research focus in sport biomechanics. This is my first term as an RSG representative, representing District 2. I am passionate about fighting the many barriers that make it difficult for all students to succeed. These issues include research funding, student debt, and campus climate issues (to name a few). I am also determined to help ensure that students have a voice that reaches the highest levels of this university by having student representation at all regents meetings. I look forward to serving and hearing from you.

Douglas Montjoy

Chemical Engineering

Doug Montjoy represents Rackham’s engineering and physical science graduate students and is a 2nd year PhD student in Chemical Engineering. This is his second term served in Rackham Student Government. He is most interested in increasing the number of activities on north campus, and making funding for graduate organizations more accessible.

Tae Lim

Mechanical Engineering

“I am representing a Division II: Physical Sciences and Engineering. Also, I am working as a graduate student representative for Building, Facilities and Infrastructure on Senate Assembly Committee on University Affaris (SACUA).

I am a first year master’s student at the mechanical engineering. This is my first year working as a representative and I am particularly interested in enhancing sustainability around the campus. “

Ritz Raju

Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science

I am a first year Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science student representing Physical Science and Engineering Division in RSG. I have been a part of Rackham Student Government since September, 2016. I am passionate about reaching out to students and bringing their problems forward through RSG. I am interested in making academic life of graduate students better by taking appropriate decisions as a part of RSG. Any student is welcome to reach me at all time with any concerns or issues that they want to bring forward.

Lucca Henrion

Mechanical Engineering

Lucca Henrion represents Rackham’s engineering and physical sciences division. He is a first-year Ph.D student, studying combustion flows in the Mechanical Engineering department. He has a special interest in providing venues for diverse student collaboration through community outreach/ social events. He can be reached at lhenrion@umich.edu

Saurabh Mahajan

Electrical Engineering

My name is Saurabh Mahajan. I am a first year Master’s student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. This is my first year as a Representative and I am passionate and motivated to create awareness about RSG’s initiatives among graduate students.

Alexander Vazsonyi

Aerospace Engineering

Alex is a first year PhD student in the Aerospace Engineering Department, working on electric propulsion for spacecraft. In his free time he enjoys hiking, photography, gaming, reading, and above all, traveling (especially if it’s in space).

Vacant Seat

Interested in serving as a representative? Contact us and request an application to fill this open board seat!

Vacant Seat

Interested in serving as a representative? Contact us and request an application to fill this open board seat!

Vacant Seat

Interested in serving as a representative? Contact us and request an application to fill this open board seat!

Division III – Social and Behavioral Sciences

Real Estate and Urban Planning

Wonwoo Lee

“1. Social and Behavioral Sciences
2. Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development 2017, Master of Urban Planning 2013
3. One (1) Semester
4. Student Participation”

Darrell Allen

Educational Foundations and Policy

Darrell is a first year PhD precandidate in Educational Foundations and Policy in the Educational Studies program. Darrell is representing Division 3 in RSG for the second semester and is most passionate about legislative matters that affect graduate students.

Brandon Patterson is a second year masters student studying higher education and learning technologies. He represents the social science division for the Rackham Student Government (RSG). His interests include community engagement, international education and online learning. He has served with RSG for a year and has helped coordinate programs with the International Center and helped with transportation issues in and around Ann Arbor.

I’m Sam. I’m here to represent the social scientists at UMich. I am a first year in the sociology department and just joined RSG. Hailing from the University of Chicago, I am most passionate about being involved with and improving the quality of academic life for grad students here and making this a safe and wonderful experience for all.

DIII Vacant Seat

Princess Williams proud native of the great state of Mississippi. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in 2014 from Jackson State University. She is now a rising 3rd year PhD student in the Department of Political Science here a UofM. This year, Princess will serve as the student representative of the Division III – Behavioral and Social Sciences Unit. This will be her 1st year serving in Rackham Student Government. She has also served on other Rackham student organization boards, such as =, the Alliance of Graduate Students and the Professoriate (2 years). An agenda item that she is most passionate about is increasing cultural inclusiveness in Rackham student activities.

Lia Bozarth

Information School


I’m Lia. I study social media activism.

Taylor Spencer


Ta’les Love

Communications Studies

Marissa Salazar


Division IV – Humanities and the Arts

Jallicia Jolly

American Culture

Hello! My name is Jallicia Jolly. I am currently a 3rd year American Culture PhD student. I find the role of the humanities critical in our everyday lives – it expands our understandings of the world and each other. As the Humanities representative of RSG, I look forward to further cultivating the humanities in our social, political, and intellectual communities, as well as leveraging institutional resources to expand educational opportunities for traditionally underrepresented groups and underfunded disciplines. #GoBlue!

Narith Ta

Asian Languages and Cultures

Hello, I am a representative in Division IV for the Humanities and Arts. I am currently in my first year of my Ph.D. program in Asian Languages and Cultures with interests in Southeast Asian migrant labor and South Korea. Being new to RSG, I hope to learn and experience what it is like to be a part of the student government community at the University of Michigan. I am most passionate about efforts geared towards greater diversity and inclusion within the university and academia.

Vacant Seat

Interested in serving as a representative? Contact us and request an application to fill this open board seat!