Funding guidelines

These guidelines are used by RSG in making decisions on funding requests. Each request will ultimately be considered on its individual merits.

Organizations that receive funds are expected to submit an event report and original receipts to the Treasurer no later than April 1, 2023; however, we suggest that you turn them in shortly after you hold your event so we can promptly review your receipts and reimburse you. Receipts submitted after this date won’t be accepted unless you make prior arrangements by emailing

Proposals Likely to Be Funded

  • Academic events
  • Cultural events
  • Proposals that are well written with a detailed budget, including expenses and expected/secured income
  • Events which are public and held on campus
  • Community service events involving or benefiting graduate students
  • Projects that may need start-up funds but which will become self-sustaining
  • Events that involve more than 100 graduate students and/or have at least 25% graduate student participation

Proposals That Will Not be Funded

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Medication
  • Charitable contributions
  • Class projects
  • Fundraisers
  • Human resources (coaches, secretaries, employees)
  • Late fees/penalties of any type
  • Plaques/trophies/prizes
  • Rallying
  • Scholarships/stipends/awards
  • Student group recruitment initiatives
  • Subscriptions
  • Events intended for participation by the entire graduate student body if that event is scheduled for a day that is identified as a major holiday on the calendar of University sanctioned holidays
  • Proposals from individual students (RSG will only accept funding requests from organizations registered with the university‚Äôs Center for Campus Involvement)

Proposals Not Likely to Be Funded

  • Proposals from groups that have received funding once already in the semester or twice this academic year
  • Proposals with non-itemized budgets
  • Parties
  • Events not open or easily accessible to the entire UM community
  • Publications which do not positively impact the UM community
  • Events in our judgment that should be receiving funds from some other obvious, appropriate source
  • Club sports
  • Proposals from social fraternities or sororities
  • Proposals from lobbyists
  • Capital goods
  • Activities exclusive to the membership of one organization
  • Film and photo development/photographers/videographers
  • Loans
  • Political lobbying

Proposals that may require additional information prior to consideration

  • Food
  • Honoraria