About RSG


Lucca Henrion


Mechanical Engineering

Veronica Beck



I am currently pursuing a Ph.D in Neuroscience, studying the enteric nervous system and gut-brain-axis in epilepsy. I also have interests in academic administration, science policy, and consulting. My hobbies include eating (but not cooking), attempting to be active, and spending time with my cats.

Nicholas Arnold Mendalbimi


Aerospace Engineering

Daniel Vallejo

Internal Affairs


Brittany Salazar


Cancer Biology

Brittany Salazar serves as the Secretary and Communications Officer for RSG. She is a second-year Cancer Biology PhD student getting deep into mitosis and molecular motors. As Communications Officer for RSG, Brittany aims to streamline communications between RSG and the graduate student community, as well as running all RSG social media. Brittany is originally from San Francisco but attended Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, and loves the Midwest!

Marshall Case

External Affairs

Chemical Engineering

My name is Marshall and I’m pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. I’m the external affairs officer of RSG. I am passionate about giving graduate student voices for issues at the university, state, and federal levels. Issues that I am particularly interested in include: student mental health, improving handling of sexual misconduct, and student financial welfare.

Roles of the RSG Executives

  • The RSG Executive Board is composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Internal Affairs Officer, External Affairs Officer, and Secretary. Together, the RSG Executive Board holds numerous meeting with members of the student body as well as with University and national leaders that are of importance to graduate students.
  • The President of the Graduate Student Body serves as the chief executive officer of the Rackham Student Government as well as the chief spokesperson and advocate of the graduate student body. The president leads and manages the activities of the executive board and chairs the government’s legislature (the RSG Board).
  • The Vice President of the Graduate Student Body serves as the chief administrative officer of the Rackham Student Government. The Vice President oversees the government’s legislative process as well as its six standing and ad-hoc committees. The Vice President is also responsible for the government’s brand management and communication strategy.
  • The Treasurer of the Graduate Student Body serves as the chief financial officer of the Rackham Student Government. The treasurer oversees the government’s financial policies and in particular the government’s student activity funding apparatus.
  • The Internal Affairs Officer serves as the chief programs officer of the Rackham Student Government, and is the primary contact for Rackham Student Government proceedings internal the University pertaining to Student Life. The Internal Affairs Officer also promotes collaboration, inclusivity, and diversity in RSG’s goals and activities across the University.
  • The External Affairs Officer serves as the chief legislative advocacy director of the Rackham Student Government, and is primary contact for all Rackham Student Government proceedings external to the University, including city, state, federal offices/organizations not limited to: Student Advocates for Graduate Education (SAGE), Ann Arbor City Council, Ann Arbor Department of Public Safety (DPS), Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (AATA).
  • The Secretary serves as the chief records officer of the Rackham Student Government, acts as the historian, and is the organizing and scheduling officer for each meeting. The Secretary also manages RSG’s internal and external communications apparatus including but not limited to email, newsletters, social media presence and official press releases.