The Budget Committee is in charge of all financial correspondence with RSG and its constituents. The committee manages the budget, allocates money to student organizations, and leads fundraising efforts. For information on funding, please refer to our Funding website.  To contact the Budget Committee, e-mail

Past Requests
We’d like you to know what we’ve been up to! Below, you can see which student groups we have recently funded:

Student Group Date Funded

We are always open to constructive feedback regarding our decisions, so let us know what you think!  Please email:

Non-exhaustive list of other funding sources*:
CSG (Central Student Government)
Student Organization Funding Commission (SOFC)
OAMI (Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives)

Student Organization Funding

MESA (Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs)
LSA-SG (LSA Student Government)
Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning
RHA (Residence Halls Association)
*Note: All may not be applicable to your event