Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) is committed to improving graduate student life by addressing graduate student issues, rights, and responsibilities pertaining to academic growth and development. To contact the Academic Affairs Committee, email

AAC is currently working on programming in the following areas:

  • Student Relations with Administration
    • In addition to maintaining regular contact with graduate students and Rackham administration, AAC organizes two “Lunch with the Deans” events each semester (1 on North Campus and 1 on Central Campus). If there are academic issues that would be best addressed at the Rackham level, please get in touch with us!
  • Professional Development
    • AAC has been working to build a relationship with the Career Center on campus. Together, we have co-hosted workshops on professional development skills specific to graduate students, such as learning how to create a CV. Let us know what other professional development topics you are interested in as a graduate student!
  • Mentorship
    • AAC has been in contact with both Rackham and the Alumni Association to put together programming for graduate students to connect with graduate alumni. More details to come!
  • Writing/Study Support
    • Monthly events are scheduled, during which graduate students are encouraged to come enjoy some snacks while working on writing for their research or coursework. AAC has also partnered with the Sweetland Writing Center to make graduate students aware of their existing resources.